ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)


Afroel ERP is multilingual, multi company and multi branch , multi warehouse ERP system where each company or individual can use it separately for each module or all together as a single source of truth. 

What is afroel ERP

It is a web-based and mobile-application ERP system where companies can use each module separately as a service or the entire ERP system as outright purchase. The system also must be deployable in the local IIS server so that we can utilize it as a desktop application in offline mode.

Objectives of the Afroe ERP 

The objective of this afroel ERP intelligence is to automate every detail of daily operations in all sizes of business and manufacturing sectors. 

Project scope of the ERP 

This ERP is scoped in 8 main modules, as follows:

  1. Inventory 
  2. HR
  3. Finance 
  4. Accounting 
  5. CRM 
  6. Warehouse 
  7. Procurement 
  8. Sales 
  9. Marketing 
  10. Supply chain

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